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IVSEC X Mobile App

1. How to set up the IVSEC X app on my Smartphone

The IVSEC X app allows you to access your IVSEC cameras live view remotely, playback recordings and other useful features
Please refer to YouTube link: https://youtu.be/71mvg5QdsfY

Scan the appropriate QR code below to download the IVSEC X app

Apple Store | Google Play

2. How to reduce camera buffering when accessing IVSEC cameras on the mobile app.

If you have limited or slow Internet connection (either at home or on your smartphone) reducing the substream settings can help the cameras to show up quicker on the app

Video guide – How to modify the settings via the IVSEC X mobile app

Video guide – How to modify the settings via the Recorder using an LCD and mouse

Recommended substream settings
Resolution: 640 x 480 | Bitrate: 256 kbps

Recommended mobile stream settings
Resolution: 640 x 480 | Bitrate: 128 kbps

3. My smartphone is showing “connect close” in the IVSEC X mobile app?

Ensure you have reviewed FAQ questions 1 and 2. Check the “connect status” icon that appears on the bottom right-hand corner of the taskbar (when the LCD is connected to the recorder). Ensure that the icon has a green tick as shown in the below image.

4. What does “Max User Playback” mean?

If you see “Max User Playback” when trying to playback footage in the app it means someone else is currently accessing playback either via the NVR or through the app. Restarting the NVR will clear this message.

Password Reset

5. How to reset my NVR password?

Download IVSEC NVR Password Reset Procedure

6. How to factory reset my IVSEC camera?

Download IVSEC Camera Reset Procedure (specific models)

Access via Windows / Mac

7. How to install setup the VMS Pro application for Windows.

Video Guide

NOTE: VMS for Windows setup is similar for Mac

Application download links available from ivsecurity.com.au or via the YouTube description

8. How to login to an IVSEC NVR or camera using Internet Explorer or Chrome

Refer to How to upgrade my NVR firmware” FAQs. Once your NVR is upgraded to the latest firmware you will be able to log in using any browser using the NVR IP address.

9. How can I search for IVSEC devices on a network or change an IP address

To search for X range cameras and recorders on a network use the Device Config Tool.

10. How to setup the surveillance client on Windows

Please note surveillance client is no longer supported, refer to VMS Pro. For legacy installations please refer to YouTube links below:

Windows | Mac

11. My MAC is not letting me install any of the IVSEC applications

If your MAC blocks the app from opening click here for details

12. How to playback and export footage from surveillance client on a Mac

Watch Video Guide

13. How to get my old IVSEC app working (non X range NVR model)

Check the model number of your recorder (silver sticker either on the top or bottom of the recorder. If the model number does NOT have an X in the model number then click here for instructions on how to configure your non X range IVSEC NVR using port forwarding and DDNS.


14. How to perform NVR firmware update using a USB flash drive or online update

Watch Video Guide

15. How to setup motion detection on an IVSEC X-Range NVR

Watch Video Guide

16. How to export footage from an IVSEC X-Range NVR

Watch Video Guide

17. How to factory default an IVSEC X-Range NVR

Watch Video Guide

18. How to configure disk grouping for 16, 32 and 64 channel IVSEC recorders

The maximum number of channels (cameras) that can record to one hard drive is 16. If your recorder is compatible with disk grouping (e.g. NR316XB, NR316XC, NR532XA, NR564XA, NR564EXA and NR564EXB) you will need to configure disk grouping and ensure your cameras are recording. If you are using an NVR that is capable of 64 channels and have 64 cameras installed, you will need to install a minimum of 4 hard drives

16 cameras installed = 1 hard drive required (minimum)

32 cameras installed = 2 hard drives required (minimum)

64 cameras installed = 4 hard drive required (minimum)

Video – Disk grouping setup process

IP Camera

19. How to factory reset my IVSEC camera?

Download IVSEC Camera Reset Procedure (specific models)

20. How to Setup 3rd Party cameras onto an IVSEC X-Range NVR

Watch Video Guide
Download Device manager tool (for non X range IVSEC branded cameras)
Download IVSEC PTZ Search Tool (for non X range IVSEC branded cameras)
Hikvision camera setup using onvif
Dahua camera setup using onvif

21. How to add 2N IP Verso Intercom camera to an IVSEC NVR

Watch Video Guide

22. Camera image is randomly showing distortion on the bottom of the image

If you are experiencing distortion at the near the bottom of the camera image please click here for useful troubleshooting steps