Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions and Interpretation

1.1 The following definitions apply.

“Administration User” means the representative of the Reseller appointed by the Reseller and having authority to appoint Users and nominate the functions of the Facility that each User is to be permitted to access on the Reseller’s behalf.

“IVSEC” means Media Hub Digital Smart Home Pty Ltd ACN 118 176 408.

“Facility” means the IVSEC On-Line system incorporating “ordering”, “web account maintenance”, “on-line catalogue” modules located at the internet website www.ivsecurity.com.au or at any website nominated by IVSEC from time to time.

“Reseller’s Logon” means the username and password issued by IVSEC to Reseller under which Reseller is granted access to the Facility.

“User” means a representative of Reseller authorised to access the Facility and operate the Facility under Reseller’s Logon and includes the Administration User.


(a) A reference in these terms and conditions to Reseller includes where the context permits all persons authorised to operate the Facility under Reseller’s Logon.

(b) A reference in these terms and conditions to the use of the Facility by the Reseller includes all transactions undertaken under the Reseller’s Logon.

2. Privacy Policy

Your privacy and safety is the utmost important issue for us. We created our Privacy Policy to make important disclosures about how you use IVSEC to capture, view, and store video, share with others, and how we collect and may use the personally identifiable information (“Personal Information”).

The IVSEC team has built a sophisticated and easy-to-use video home monitoring system through your smartphone. We will not request your personal information unless we are obligated to do so. We will not share or store any personal information unless required for the operation or the programming, by-laws, or to conduct product development.

Personal Information and Content

We receive and store any Personal Information and Content you enter or upload to our Services. The types of Personal Information and Content collected may include, but are not limited to:

  • Camera locations and names, that you are asked to enter and may change at any time.
  • Video and audio signals and data are recorded and processed, depending on how you may have configured your Services. This may include IVSEC sending you portions of the Content as part of a notification or analyzing the data to identify motion or other events. If you have recording features enabled, we will capture, process and retain video and audio recordings from your device, of which you will be able to access, for the duration of your recording subscription period.
  • You may save and choose to share Content for others to access using the Services. We will collect and store the information required for us to save or share your Content.
  • We may also draw upon this Personal Information and Content in order to modify and customize the Services to better suit your needs, to improve the effectiveness of our network and Services, and to develop new tools to enhance usability and security. Under no circumstance will any employee or agent of IVSEC ever look at your private videos within your account unless given express consent to do so.

Information we receive from third parties and Cookies

We may receive and store information from third parties that interact with the Services or that provide services to us in connection with our operation and the Services, mostly to collect data and monitor application usage and performance. IVSEC will provide your Personal Information to these 3rd party Services solely for the purposes noted above. In addition, you may choose to use third-party apps that share with IVSEC the Personal Information, activities and/or content you provide to those third-party apps. In such a case, we would like to remind you to please read the privacy policy of any such app so that you understand its sharing practices. We will also use cookies to identify each user.

You Are Always In Control

We assure you that you are the sole person who may choose to share your Personal Information. We neither rent nor sell your Personal Information to anyone, though we may provide aggregate, non-personally identifiable information to our partners. The default setting for all Personal Information and Content is to make that information visible only to others in the private groups you create or join on IVSEC. You may modify that setting as part of the Services. IVSEC may only share your Personal Information and Content only as described in this Privacy Policy, except for when required by law or applicable authorities to release the information.

Is Personal Information About Me Secure?

Your Personal Information is protected on IVSEC by your username and password. We highly recommend that you select and protect your password appropriately, and limit access to your computer and mobile phone to only those individuals whom you trust to prevent unauthorized access to your account and to your Personal Information and Content. IVSEC endeavours to safeguard Personal Information and Content to ensure that information is kept private, through physical, electronic, and procedural measures.

3. Security

Reseller acknowledges that the Administration User may enable Users to use the Facility and undertake transactions that are legally binding on and/or have other important consequences for Reseller, including but not limited to:
(a) The disclosure of Reseller’s confidential information to User including information in relation to Reseller’s credit status with IVSEC; and
(b) Enter into legally binding contracts on Reseller’s behalf for the purchase of Products from IVSEC.
Reseller further acknowledges that access to the Facility and the functions available within the Facility is controlled by:
(i) Company Code, User Name and password issued by IVSEC to the Administration User at the request of the Reseller; and
(ii) Company Code, User Name and password issued to the Users by the Administration User.

(a) Reseller must ensure that all Users keep all Company Code, User Name and password information strictly confidential.
(b) Reseller accepts full responsibility and liability for all transactions undertaken by Reseller and Users on the Facility.

Subject to Clause 3.4, Reseller’s responsibility and liability under Clause 3.2 shall be absolute and includes circumstances where a User’s password has been lost or revealed to any third party.

Reseller’s responsibility and liability for the use of the Facility by a User shall not cease until IVSEC receives written notice from the Reseller (and IVSEC has acknowledged receipt of such notice) that the User’s password has or may have been compromised or that the access to the Facility by the User is to be terminated.

Subject to Clause 3.4, the Reseller agrees that IVSEC shall not be responsible for and releases IVSEC from liability in respect of any loss or damage to the Reseller as a result of the use of the Facility by the Reseller.

Subject to Clause 3.4, the Reseller indemnifies and keep indemnified IVSEC from and against all liabilities actions claims demands losses damages proceedings costs charges and expenses for which IVSEC shall or may be or become liable as a result of offering the Facility for use by the Reseller.

4. Use of Facility

IVSEC gives no warranty that any product ordered by the Reseller under the Facility is fit for any specific purpose. Reseller shall be liable to ensure that a product or product configuration is fit for the purpose required by the Reseller’s customer.

IVSEC International gives no warranty or representations in relation to the accuracy of pricing of any product provided by the Facility. IVSEC reserves the right to change the pricing of any product at any time with or without prior notice to the Reseller.

Orders placed under the Facility represent offers by Reseller for the purchase of products and are subject to acceptance by IVSEC International in writing or by the delivery of the products. For the avoidance of doubt, a user’s order confirmation displayed on this website or sent to the Reseller by email does not constitute acceptance.

5. Facility Availability and Performance

IVSEC makes no representation and gives no warranty with respect to the availability or performance of the Facility and shall have no liability in relation to the performance or availability of the Facility.

IVSEC reserves the right to modify amend and/or discontinue the Facility at any time in which event Reseller shall have no claim whatsoever against IVSEC.
6. General

The Facility is provided “as is” and “as available” and IVSEC makes no warranty or representations in relation to the accuracy of any content of the Facility IVSEC assumes no liability for any errors or omissions in the content of the Facility.

IVSEC will in no event be liable for damages arising as a result of Reseller’s use of this site.

The use of the Facility shall be exclusively governed by the laws of Victoria, Australia and all disputes arising from or relating to the use of the Facility are exclusively subject to the Courts of Victoria, Australia.

7. Intellectual Property

The reseller should assume that all content on the Facility is copyrighted and that it may not be used without IVSEC’ prior written consent.

8. Encryption

Information or data sent to or received from the Facility is encrypted over a 128 bit SSL connection. IVSEC otherwise makes no representation or warranty with respect to the security or confidentiality of material transmitted through the Facility.

9. No Partnership

Reseller acknowledges and agrees that it is not in partnership with IVSEC and that the words “IVSEC On-Line” shall not be construed to the effect that Reseller and IVSEC are partners or are in partnership including but not limited to under the Partnership Act or equivalent legislation.

Reseller must not claim and must not make any representation whatsoever that may be construed to the effect that Reseller is a partner of or is in partnership with IVSEC. Without limiting the generality of this Clause 9.2 Reseller must not use the term “partner” “partnership” or like term in any representation or description made to any person with respect to the relationship between Reseller and IVSEC including with respect to the participation by Reseller in the Facility.

Reseller indemnifies and keeps indemnified IVSEC from and against all liabilities actions claims demands losses damages proceedings costs charges and expenses for which IVSEC shall or may be or become liable as a result of any claim made against IVSEC by any person on the basis that IVSEC is a partner or is in partnership with Reseller.

10. Updating this statement

IVSEC may update this privacy policy by posting a new version on https://ivsecurity.com.au/

You should check this website occasionally to ensure you are familiar with any changes.