The iVSEC IV2490X dual camera mounting junction box is a versatile solution that takes your surveillance setup to the next level. Designed for accommodating two cameras in a single, convenient housing, this junction box streamlines camera installation and enhances surveillance possibilities. Its robust construction ensures durability, while its flexible design enables easy positioning for optimal coverage.

What truly sets the IV2490X apart is its space-saving functionality. With room for two cameras in one housing, it reduces the need for multiple mounting brackets, making installations neater and more cost-effective. The junction box is compatible with a variety of camera models, enhancing its versatility for diverse surveillance environments.

Additionally, its IP66-rated weatherproof design provides protection against harsh outdoor elements, ensuring reliable performance in challenging conditions. Whether you’re securing a commercial property, a parking lot, or an industrial facility, this dual camera mounting junction box is the ideal choice for a streamlined, efficient, and resilient surveillance solution that maximizes your coverage capabilities while minimizing installation complexity.