Frequently Asked Questions about IVSEC

IVSEC IP & NVR (X-Range – models NR308X, NR316X, NR532X & NR564X)

How to setup the IVSEC X app on my Smartphone2020-12-16T22:45:04+00:00

 Scan the appropriate QR code below to download the IVSEC X app

How to reduce camera buffering when accessing IVSEC cameras on the mobile app2020-12-16T22:44:34+00:00
Where can I download the IVSEC X Range NVR User manual2020-12-15T04:54:27+00:00
Where can I download the IVSEC X NVR / Camera Quick User Guide2020-12-15T05:30:01+00:00
How to setup motion detection on an IVSEC X-Range NVR2020-12-16T22:45:24+00:00
How to configure Event Triggered Recording2020-12-15T04:56:45+00:00
How to export footage from an IVSEC X-Range NVR2020-12-16T22:45:41+00:00
How to factory default the an IVSEC X-Range NVR2020-12-16T22:45:59+00:00
How to login to an IVSEC NVR or camera using Internet Explorer or Chrome2020-12-16T22:44:15+00:00

Click here to download Chrome IE Tab Extension (Windows)


How can I search for IVSEC devices on a network or change an IP address2020-12-16T22:43:50+00:00

Click here to download device config tool for Windows

How to install the VMS application for Windows2020-12-16T22:43:25+00:00

 Click here to download VMS (Windows)

How to remotely access your NVR / cameras using the Windows VMS application2020-12-16T22:43:00+00:00
How to add 2N IP Verso Intercom camera to an IVSEC NVR2020-12-16T22:42:43+00:00
How to Setup 3rd Party cameras onto an IVSEC X Range NVR2020-12-16T22:42:22+00:00
Where can I download the previous version of Surveillance Client for Windows2020-12-15T22:34:01+00:00
Where can I download the Surveillance client, device config tool & video player for MAC2020-12-15T22:40:25+00:00
How to setup the surveillance client on MAC2020-12-16T22:41:38+00:00
How to playback and export footage from surveillance client on a MAC2020-12-16T22:40:38+00:00
How to setup the X-Range NVR Start Wizard?2020-12-16T22:46:17+00:00
How to reset my NVR password?2020-12-16T22:56:02+00:00
Where can I find additional support2020-12-22T04:50:10+00:00

Please note that the first point of contact should be your original System Installer 


For Sales enquiry email [email protected]
For Technical support email [email protected]
Or call 1300 368 348

Note: When emailing or calling for Technical Support please provide: 

  • Model and serial number of your IVSEC product 
  • Where was the equipment purchased from (Business name and contact number) 
  • Description of the issue you are experiencing 

IVSEC AHD Camera and DVR (AHDR308A, AHDR312A, AHDR320A & AHDR516A)

What is the default user name and password of security products?2020-05-04T15:44:12+00:00

The default user name is admin and there is no password for IVSEC IP security products. Please remember to change the default password for security reasons and do not lose the admin password as you may not be able to revert to factory settings without it.

How to setup motion recording on the IVSEC NVR1.0?2020-09-07T11:32:52+00:00

1. When you use the mouse to right click on the initial screen where the cameras show the live view, a menu option will appear. As seen below.

Set Up Motion Recording 1

2. On the menu click on “Record” and ensure the cameras is set to “Schedule”.

3. Click on the “Settings” button to navigate to the main settings menu. Then select the “Channel” tab on the top. As seen below.

Set Up Motion Recording 2

4. Select the “Schedule Record” tab on the left hand site. Then ensure the “Enable Recording” is ticked and the “All Day Recording” Using the drop down bar beside the “All Day Recording” box and select “Motion”.

Set Up Motion Recording 4

5. Then click on the “Motion” tab on the left hand side. Tick the “Enable Motion Detection” button.

Set Up Motion Recording 5

6. Click on the “Area settings” button to bring up the areas of footage you would like to record if there is any movement.

Set Up Motion Recording 6

7. Set the “Sensitivity” level on the siding bar. If this is too low the cameras will not record.

What is Port Forwarding?2020-05-04T15:42:29+00:00

Port forwarding is the process that a router or firewall uses to sort the right kind of network data to the right port. Computers and routers use ports as a way to organise network data. Different types of data, such as web sites, file downloads, and online games, are each assigned a port number. The router or firewall uses forwarding to send the correct data to the correct place.

A firewall protects a computer by blocking unauthorized information, but if a firewall blocks all incoming and outgoing data, the computer would be unable to access the Internet. When a computer user wants some data to go through the firewall and to send it to a specific location, then port forwarding can be set up. This gives the firewall instructions about which types of data are allowed and how they should be directed.

Below is a diagram of the port forwarding process:

Port Forwarding

What is DHCP?2020-05-04T15:41:57+00:00

DHCP allows devices to join an IP-based network without having pre-configured IP addresses. DHCP is a protocol that assigns unique IP addresses to devices, then releases and renews these addresses as devices leave and re-join the network. IVSEC NVRs and IP cameras are shipped with a static IP address then DHCP can easily be enabled.

Can I add extra hard drives to my NVR/DVR?2020-05-04T15:40:08+00:00

You can increase the amount of video history the system can store by performing any of the following which are listed in order of importance:

1. IVSEC has an E-Stata storage drive that supports additional 8 STATA hard drives.
2. Use motion activated recording only
3. Reduce the number of frames per second each camera is recording
4. Reduce the recording resolution

How can I factory reset my security product?2020-05-04T15:39:24+00:00

You can factory reset via direct monitor connection or via web browser. Some models of IP cameras have a hardware reset button whereas the NVR or DVR does not have a hardware reset button.

How to set up Port Forwarding?2020-05-02T17:57:47+00:00

Below is an example of the port forwarding setup (please note that different brands of routers may have different setup pages).

  • “External Port” means the port requested for external connection.
  • “Internal Port” means the port that will be forwarded to the internal devices.
  • “To IP address” means the private IP address (LAN IP address) of internal security devices.

Setting up Port Forwarding

My security product is not working?2020-05-02T17:56:50+00:00

1. Ensure the power is connected and the power LED is on
2. Check that the product is connected to the network
3. Make sure that the product has the latest firmware version installed
4. Download and review the user manual
5. Review the FAQ section
6. Save your current profile configuration then restore to factory settings
7. Please contact your installer

How do I play and export footage?2020-05-02T17:55:45+00:00

Step 1: Use the mouse to right click on the screen to bring up the quick menu:

Quick Menu

Step 2: To playback your recorded footage, select “Playback” from the quick menu.

Step 3: Choose the camera you would like to playback via the tick box on the top left hand side. Notice the timeline of recorded footage at the bottom of the screen. Choose the time you are interested in by clicking on the timeline.


  • Play play button : Play the current selected camera
  • Stop Button Stop Button : Stop the current playback
  • Slow Button Slow Button :Slow down the playback speed (1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 times optional)
  • Fast Forward Button  Fast Forward:Fast forward the playback process (2, 4, 8, 16 times optional)
  • Frame Play Button Frame Play Button : Play back footage frame by frame
  • Snapshot Button Snapshot Button : Can be a still image form any camera selected
  • Backup Button Backup Button :Make video backup for any camera
  • Full Screen Button Full Screen Button : View the footage in full screen
  • Volume Button Volume Button :Adjust the volume of the playback audio

Step 4: Double-click channel bar or click “Play” button to play the backup video. Double-click single channel screen to watch the full screen display.

Step 5: To export and back-up footage, attach a USB memory stick to a free USD port. Select “Backu”in the main menu.

Exporting Backup Footage

Channel Backup

  • Channel: Select relevant camera in the drop-down list
  • From: Select a start time for video backup
  • To: Select an end time for video backup
  • Generally select the AVI file type


Click” Start” to make corresponding channel video backup, this may take some time.

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