1. When you use the mouse to right click on the initial screen where the cameras show the live view, a menu option will appear. As seen below.

Set Up Motion Recording 1

2. On the menu click on “Record” and ensure the cameras is set to “Schedule”.

3. Click on the “Settings” button to navigate to the main settings menu. Then select the “Channel” tab on the top. As seen below.

Set Up Motion Recording 2

4. Select the “Schedule Record” tab on the left hand site. Then ensure the “Enable Recording” is ticked and the “All Day Recording” Using the drop down bar beside the “All Day Recording” box and select “Motion”.

Set Up Motion Recording 4

5. Then click on the “Motion” tab on the left hand side. Tick the “Enable Motion Detection” button.

Set Up Motion Recording 5

6. Click on the “Area settings” button to bring up the areas of footage you would like to record if there is any movement.

Set Up Motion Recording 6

7. Set the “Sensitivity” level on the siding bar. If this is too low the cameras will not record.