Step 1: Use the mouse to right click on the screen to bring up the quick menu:

Quick Menu

Step 2: To playback your recorded footage, select “Playback” from the quick menu.

Step 3: Choose the camera you would like to playback via the tick box on the top left hand side. Notice the timeline of recorded footage at the bottom of the screen. Choose the time you are interested in by clicking on the timeline.


  • Play play button : Play the current selected camera
  • Stop Button Stop Button : Stop the current playback
  • Slow Button Slow Button :Slow down the playback speed (1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 times optional)
  • Fast Forward Button  Fast Forward:Fast forward the playback process (2, 4, 8, 16 times optional)
  • Frame Play Button Frame Play Button : Play back footage frame by frame
  • Snapshot Button Snapshot Button : Can be a still image form any camera selected
  • Backup Button Backup Button :Make video backup for any camera
  • Full Screen Button Full Screen Button : View the footage in full screen
  • Volume Button Volume Button :Adjust the volume of the playback audio

Step 4: Double-click channel bar or click “Play” button to play the backup video. Double-click single channel screen to watch the full screen display.

Step 5: To export and back-up footage, attach a USB memory stick to a free USD port. Select “Backu”in the main menu.

Exporting Backup Footage

Channel Backup

  • Channel: Select relevant camera in the drop-down list
  • From: Select a start time for video backup
  • To: Select an end time for video backup
  • Generally select the AVI file type


Click” Start” to make corresponding channel video backup, this may take some time.